The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Farrah (f/k/a China)

Farrah Sophia FooFoo is the most ridiculously cute dog I have ever met. And I’m so delighted that we adopted her! She is such a non-stop little dirtball of a princess, there is always something new to laugh at. She loves being held, and will go totally limp when you pick her up. But once you set her down, she’s OFF! Whether it’s bug-hunting in the back yard, finding every single inappropriately small stick in the yard to chew on, lying in the sun next to her big brother Chunk (who, by all appearances, she ADORES. But he is still a little wigged out by such a teensy little blonde bombshell of a dog.), dragging all the blankets out of her crate, wrestling with her dog bed, trying to dig holes in the big guy’s dog beds (she gets upset and will bark at them when she realizes she’s making no progress), chewing on the rubber chicken toy, chewing on furniture (gah!) books (gah!) and anything made of fabric that she can fit her puny mouth around (gah!), running FULL SPEED (which is A: not very fast and B: hysterically funny on her stumpy little legs) across the yard for who-knows-what reason, and basically just ruling the house with her cuteness. We LOVE her. She is so spectacularly fun to have around.

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