The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Rudy (f/k/a Froid)

We just adore him. He's made himself quite at home and is a joy. He is a lot of work as he goes non stop from morning until bedtime. He sleeps all night, however. Our greyhounds were not thrilled with him initially, but he's wormed his way into their world. A bully stick caused a game of tug of war, and this is what bonded our male greyhound with Rudy. They will play tug of war with a bully stick for three hours. It's amazing to watch our big guy put the stick in his mouth and let the little guy steal it from him. They just play and play -- lots of rolling on the grass and chasing. At first the greys thought he was a bunny or something, but now they now he's part of the family.

Thanks again for the work that you do and for bringing Rudy to us. We just love him to bits.

Update May 2014

I just wanted to share a picture of Rudy. We got him from you a bit more than 2 years ago. He is my treasure and I cannot imagine life without him.

I also wanted to mention that we met a family that recently adopted an 8 year-old Collie from you a couple of months. We are so very grateful that she came to you and eventually met her last family. She is now clearly loved.

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